I don’t talk


I have had Depression for so long the quote above is what happens to me often.Often I feel like no one loves me lr cares and please don’t leave down in the comments that I just want attieion no I REALLY DON’T I just want someone who will be my friend and be by my side and won’t ignore me or betray me.What I am really asking for or seeking is hope or even love because I don’t want to live in a world that dosen’t care.I jsut wanted to get my thoughts out there to express myself but every time I do no one listens.I have a very hard time telling people what is on my mind or what is wrong you know wha is true ut that only teue friends notice when you are silent.They will see if you are okay for you will problay igrone everyone like I do.I avoide rhe world although the world is something that can’t be avoided.I have been lost for a while I lost the one I love around ages five and six.”I push people away when all I relly want is someone to hug me and tell me it’s okay ” all I want is care and love is that to hard to ask for.So please do not say I am seeking attetion I only asking the the simplest thing for everyone is care and love.I can never tell anyone why I cry at night every night I cry myself to sleep.When ever I see people hugging or giving each other a kiss I wonder why can’t I be loved or cared for so I cry looking at them.I keep all my feeling bottled up inside when I really want them to burst out.One time someone asked me what’s wrong and took me to a room and told me to sit down and so I did and they sat in front of me and asked me what is wrong I looked up at once tears forming in my eyes and looked backed down and for like ten minutes I looked down and cried with tears streaming down my face.I could’nt tell the person what was wrong or they would just laugh at my answer.This is what I was saying every time the tears streamed down my eyes while the person sat there’Why do you want to know you are just like everyone else always asking what is wrong when the obvious thing is always happening in front of you but you never notice I speak but you ignore my words for there I gave up and lost my voice and I think it will be a very long time until I find it’ I repeated that over and over in my head.      I ask for something that is very small but for me it it is very large and hard to get 

       I ask for only two things………

 Will you love…….

Or even…….

Care about me?…….

   Also run back to the people you really love and say how much you love them and tell them to please don’t leave you do it before it is to late becuase I was late on saying it and if you hurt someoen PLEASE GO BACK TO THEM AND SAY SORRY!!!!!!! and tell them you didn’t know that they held that pain in them for so long be and although they may smile everyday and ignore you never really know what is happening in theri mind or even their heart so please dont hurt anyone 4 that has already happen to me and now I am a broken toy and it will take a while for me to be fixed once again.And take my word for this none of this is fake I am no seeker for attietion I only want care and love and so do this people that are hurt or seem hurt or may be hurt please help them and dont make the same mistakes people have done to me because look where I have ened up now I am forgotten and lost.


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