I’ve changed

  Hey ummmm well I dont know how to start this but I guess I will get straight to the point.

    Well I am a therian and I don’t want to be ashmed for it but people make me feel bad for being one.i want to live my life but I dont like the new me yes I love being a therian but I get very lonely because of it.A therian is a peraon who believes they were a certarin animal or animals in their past life.Being a therian is amazing you get to contact your theriotype but I want to met other theirans I feel very lonely.It has been a year and I am very lonely.I just wante to let you know that I don’t k ow why I changed but now I kind of hate changing,In our home there is this quote that say,”Don’t be afraid of chage.Be afraid of not changing” and honestly I am afraid of change now because change made me very different and now I don’t feel loved any more and have grew apart from friends I had.I feel that I don’t really belong with them.Please if there are any people out there who are theians and know how to get through it please tell me.But if you are anyone else can you please tell me how to get through being different or going through change.Because it seems that every time I change no one lives the new me i just want to be normal again and fit in so please help me.

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