Long Night

Good Morning,

Today is a very bad weather day. Buses are cancelled, grandson is home today, so he is helping me out. Nice to have a extra set of hands.

We hope the weather turn to rain. My daughter has a appointment with a surgeon in town, will say what she is getting done after she sees him. It will benefit her very much!

Oldest is strong and always there for me, she is a lot like myself.  The person I used to be maybe. 

My love for my guy grows each day, its deeper and deeper. I have finally found my “soulmate, he I amazing to me. Even when I am very insecure, he picks up on that right away. Even tho he is million miles away, he knows me, knows the way I type and when something is bothering me, amazing! I am counting down the days till we are together, its going to be such magic.

Back to chores, grandson is waiting..lol Gosh, to be young and full of beans!!! Today he will do his speech for me, I look forward to it.


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