My journal

   Febuary 6,2017

  Hey I nver really thought of writing a journal but I guess I will.My name is Alyssa my nick name is Snow I mostly pefer to be called Snow.Today the day went by fast and I mean I guess it was fun.Since I am always the first one at school out of all the kids I waited outside with my brothers then they finally left so I went into the girls bathroom.It was pretty chilly out side I walled into the bathroom and the silent over welmed the room I looked into our mirror that had a whole bunch of writing and drawings and scribbles.I was wearing a burgundy sewather that had words in white words like love.Underneath the sweater I was wearing a short sleeved shirt that is like a pink and orange mixed together and had the word BLAH three times the first rime it was white the second time the color golden and the third time once again white.I was also had black pants with galaxy shoes with white socks.I stared into the mirror looking deep into my brown eyes that had a amber tone in my eye color.My brown,black,golden,this,dryish,medium hair was all in my hoodie trying to dry.I stopped looking at myself once I pulled my hair out of my hoodie and grabbed my blue backpack that had brown at the bottom of it and had five pockets in all.I grabbed my backpack that was leaning against the white bathroom wall and on the small tiled floor.I flug one of my backpack straps upon my right shoulder and walked into the bigfest stall out of the two stalls we had in the bathroom.I took off my back my from my right shoulder and I put it on the hook on the bathroom door that jad a lot of scribbles and writing on there in marker and pencil.we had two bars in that one stall and a white toliet with the toilet seat up.I sat on one of the silver looking bars and put my feet on to the other silver looking bar.I then put my legs together and put my head in my laps breathing into my laps to produce heat to keep myself some warmth.I waited for what seemed an hour but it really wasen’t.Soon my friend who we call Halo or MidnightStar came in to the stall I was in I got uo and we talked for a bit.Once we found out the lunch room opened and we went in for breakfast which was a oatmealchocolatechip cookie.We lined up in line to get breakfast and we grabbed out milk and I grabbed a chocolate milk my friend did the same.When we got our breakfast we went to sit at a table with our friends.We sat down at the table then while me and Halo were talking and eating her brother came over to and he was talking and was wearing a hat I didn’t pay much attientio  to it unril she had siad that he got a hair cut and when she showed me his hair cut we both started to crack up really bad it was so funny.Then we talked and finished our breakfatpst and since it was raining we linded up in th lunch room and we talked to our other friends like Lynx and another friend of mine who does not have a nick name.We all talked and played around in the lunchroom.Then our morning recesse ened and we lined up and our teacher came into the lunch room and took us to the class room.Once we got to our class room we went in the class room and we wrote down our homework we would need to do after school.We wrote down our homework and we read our books and we did some stuff in class.Then,it finally came to recesse and we had to stay inside to have recesse due to the weather.Me and my friends were talking and playing also messing around then I was drinking water and water went up my nose and I choked.Then recesse was over and we had people from other class come in and we got on the internet where we were reading a artical.After we were done those people left to another class room and other people came back in and then we did more class work.After all that class work we came to lunch and we went to lunch.When we got to the lunch room we sat down at our table and wIted for them to say we could go eat.We ate and we went back to class to have recesse inside due to the weather again.We did more class work and it was finally end of the dead.We went home and since I have the bus I went over to the bus I was the last one to get on the bus.We rode home first we dropped off the first people then the second group of people which was me.Then I waited at a place for my brothers and it felt like forever but I read a book and did my homework.Then my brothers bus came and dropped them off I quickly ran on the wet,gray,hard,scrapy side walk trying to catch up to my brothers.I finally caught up to them and we walked home in the wet,cold,chilly rain and we tried to open te garage door but it was lovk and our front door couldn’t open from the outside so I had to crawl through my window.Once I got in I ket them inside the house and I got on my tablet and starting playing games and reading and all that.Then I got off my tablet and did my chores and thrn I got back on here after I was all done then I started to write on here then my brother came in and watched Norm of the North on Hulu which is on my Xbox 360 and we watched some of it while I was typing on here and then he left and I am looking for a movie right now and it is 6:45 pm.Now I am jsut typing the end of this first journal entry so bye for now and Have a Good day or Good Night Byeeee!!


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