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I stalked the bf’s old insta acc tdy and ohmy it reeks of rich-kid-ness and popz-kidz-ness. He’s mentioned he wished we’d “met” earlier, but now I can confidently say, I so wouldn’t have dated this guy if I’d known him from before as one of his insta followers. I think this is a prime eg of ignorance is bliss bc my not having insta till, like, this year meant that I never saw that popz side of him. (Not that I’m saying he’s not popular now, but just less prominent maybe? or maybe he’s actually quite prominent but I don’t feel it 😂😅)

sigh that rich kid side of him. dem photos of holidays EVERYWHERE. I swear. food in japan, europe, USA, blah… well-travelled. cultured. me, I’m just from a lower-middle income fam. Obv he’d say it doesn’t matter, but to me it does, and maybe more than it shld. He claims he’s thifty, but to me, thrifty is totally not spending a single cent during the weekend (since my $5/day allowance doesn’t cover the weekends) by eating at home. But whoever’s heard of ppl who date but don’t eat tgt??

For Lit we were given some poems ytd and one stayed with me.


I am going steady with an engineer who
wants to marry me. I thought he was ideal
until I found out that he writes poetry in his spare time. Do you think I can depend on him?

No wonder you’re concerned.
Who wouldn’t be?
Now it’s in its early stages but,
like drink,
and other, furtive vices,
it’s liable to get a hold on him
and end up colouring his life.

It tends to start as mere
belated adolescent bravado or
compensation for a nervous twitch or stammer.
At first it’s only once a week, but soon it’s
every day and finally
nights too.
He’ll burn holes in the plastic walls of your tidy
and let the wind in
if you don’t watch him.

Besides which he’s liable to
give up mothballs,
eat the telly
grow his hair and fingers and
install kaleidoscopes on hire purchase.
What begins as a spare-time hobby
will eventually affect his senses
and yours (it’s contagious).

So all in all I’d advise you to
stay clear of the man
unless you can
get him to have treatment before it goes any further.
In its later stages it’s terrible and
quite incurable

so yeah I really like the sarcastic tone of the speaker, bc I think that the gf is quite discriminating? prejudiced? and it’s not even for practically of having a stable income and stable job or anything. He alr has a day job as an engineer, for goodness sake.

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