Teen Wolves

A/N Before I start this I just want you to know this is not real I posted this today but sadly it didn’t get uploaded to here which is dumb,mean,and sad.But this is a chapter of a new book called Teen wolves.

The begging

I awoke to the annoying,buzzing noise of my alarm clock I quickly clicked a button that snozzed it and I got out of bed I was to happy that I fogot to make my bed.Since it was the first day of Jr high and I couldn’t wait I lived here before a while back when I was WAYYYYY!! young.I waled across my cold,gray,fluffy carpet towards my closet andd lookdd for a cute outfit and I finally found one I trew over a plain,dark,blue short sleeved shirt over my jead after I took off my pjs.I then slipped on some black jeans.I grabbed my Gray sweater that said in big,white words spread across from it “Cool” i also threw that over the shirt I was wearing.I rushed out of my bedroom door heading towards the bathroom I heard my mother Jane’s voice call after me,”Hey Alice don’t forget to eat it’s your first day of school and by the way waffles on the table” she yelled after me as I opened the dokr nearly hitting my brother James with the pale,wooden,hard door.”Really James get out I need to get ready” I said.”Wow gezz why you so rude I meN you nearly killed me with a freking door and that is what you say like why can’t you say ‘Oh sorry James’ or ‘James you can beat me up later for that ‘ U mean wow just rude” he siad while tooth paste going all over the place as he spoke in my face.”First of all hurry up and Second of all get out” I gestered his to the door.”Ok fine Bye” He said as he left the bathroom.I looked into the mirror and brushed my brown,golden,bushy,white hair.My hair always changed colors every season and this season it was white.My hair is Normaly white and is not because of age,stress,or smoking its just that I was born this way but this season my hair was whiter.I brushed ut with my blue brush and coming out all the tangles.I walked out putting on my black hat that said”Dope” in white.I went into our dark,shadowy hall way where I turned back to see the bright,wonderful,natrual light spreading arcoss the living room and kitchen.That is where I sat down after grabbing a plate I plucked three mape,crisspy,golden,soft,chewy waffles off the cold,white,clean plate from the middle of our table and gulped those down like nothjng when I was done I looked up to see one last waffle left I was going towards it when I saw my brother doing the same, and at the same time we grabbed the last remainibg waffle at the same time.”Back off I grabbed it first”I grintted.”No I grabbed it first” James told mean for what seemed five minutes we were arguing about who grabbed it first and who should have it then my mother got frustrted and spoke up slaming her hands really hard on the wooden,brown table that things shook and she spoke,”Quite it you to you guys are fighting luke three year olds over a little toy!” She scolded us.At that mommet I gave never seen her like this so I started to act like a three year old and when my brother was not paying attieon and hos grip was loseing I pulled it my way quickly and running into the hall ways where the wooden,brown,creaky,cold,hard floor did that as I tan then James caught up to me in no time and tackled me.”Now give me it or you will regret it” he said then I remember we are in the same grade so instead of giving him it I threw it at his face and got up and ran towards the bathroom rushing through the door and locking the bathroom door almost slipping to death because of all the water that dripped of James when he got out of the shower.I brushed my teeth while I was I  there.Then I heard my mother sigh and speak”What have I done wrong to raise children like this” she said after sighing again.I walked out the bathroom relizing that I had left my backpack in my bedroom so I ran into my room that bad pale,blue walls and grabbed my blue back pack that was brown at the bottom and had five pockets in all.I threw it over my shoulder and walked out of my bedroom into the creaky hall way of our home and to our front door on my way out I said”Bye mom” and walked out into the front yard and ipon to the path that lead through the woods I was walking out our front yard when I heard………

        To be continued(In the next chapter and it is not because I am lazy I just want you guys to wonder what is going to happen so if you happen to come across this leave a comment and tel, me what you think is going to happen before you read on to my second chapter) 

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