Things I Like About Myself

Here are some things I like about myself. When I am having negative thoughts I will read this list to remind me that I am not that bad. 


Things I Like About Myself:

I am smart.

I am a good listener. 

I like to help people solve emotional problems.

I like to help kids have a good time while learning something new. 

I am funny. 

I am creative.

I have endured a lot, despite having a traumatic childhood. 

I get back up when I fall down, even if it takes me some time to get back up. 

I like my big boobs.

I like my big butt.

I like my wide hips.

I like my long legs.

I like being a curvy woman, even if I am a big woman. 

I like my smile. 

I love my hair! Dreads are super awesome! 

I like my style. I am almost 30 and can make big earrings and  purple chucks look great. 

I like that people often think I am younger than I am. 




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