☆ 《 ° O2O817 / 2O17 / WED. ° 》☆

Good Morning and to another day of just being such a fucking lazy ass today. Oh gosh, seriously what am I even doing with my life, aha. 😧 

So today, I just made some Grilled Banana Nutella Sandwich for breakfast, I don’t really feel like anything for lunch so I probably would just eat some salad. And hey, props to just eating less heh. Gosh, I checked Snapchat and wow, okay so Nica’s having her grad pictorial today. I’m so jealous. sighs. Why can’t my course be so easy, like really easy or something. Why do we even need thesis, what is the purpose of having a thesis tbh. It’s so useless like, we don’t even use our thesis for the future. And why does our course have that tbh????? It’s just really stupid tbh. God, I really hate studying. Why can’t my parents understand that I’m not even happy with what I’m doing now. I honestly would be happy if I was just working right now instead of studying, and tbh, I don’t care what job I’d get but as long as I make money tbh…. 😧 Anyways, I just found out yesterday that my brother resigned from his work and I’m like…what??? oh okay. I mean, if I was my brother tbh I’d go look for a nice apartment where I can live by myself and do groceries but then…how to do the laundry lmao. Damn….or just find a friend where we can share the rent and stuff. Oh gosh, I’m babbling right now but whatever, I am a girl with thoughts unspoken of. Funny how I think this would all be a laugh to me in the future, I’d probably be laughing and wondering what I did that day while I’m reading every entries I did. 

Ah, so for lunch, I had Salad + Kangkong mixed in Oyster Sauce. Yep, only leafy greens heh. And yay for me? 🎉 well, me and Keon rabbited again and as expected, he felt a bit moody again. ; ; jfc, i’m having a runny nose right now omg, probably because it was cold last night plus those little tears i had since i was thinking of stuff again. But now, we’re all okay now, I guess? Although, I do think he fell asleep… ; u ; Aaah, I’m so bored. I think he fell asleep, yep. Well, my mother just came back from her flight and well, she bought watermelon juice. As for dinner, I had salad plus some Tilapia with rice.  but not that much ehe. I promise myself to change and not eat too much rice tbh.

Well, currently I’m waiting for it to be midnight so I could post what I need to post. > o < Aaaah, 1 more hour o m g. holy shit 35 minutes. i am screaming so much.


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