Today was the third time our substitute (but this time a different teacher) postponed the test. So it’s to be taken on Monday – just at the hour when I’ll be occupied with taking my DELF French test so I’ll have to take it Wednesday. This isn’t even important. Who the hell cares about computer class? Why am I talking about this?
I got 7/10 points on my math quiz thing which I hadn’t studied for. I mean I hadn’t even opened the book.
In Chemistry today I was just so angry. I couldn’t help it. First Hailey was being a bitch and the class before Brandon had started to give me the silent treatment as a joke. It wasn’t funny. Nothing about silent treatment is ever funny. When him and I were leaving school he said something like, “I have got looks to kill” and then I said something that he probably took offense at(but I didn’t mean it like what he thought I meant it) and then he said “Kill yourself.” We kid, him and I, but that’s a terrible thing to say. I was so bloody angry all day, well until round 5 when I saw this thing Nicki Minaj had posted and decided to take a screenshot and send it to him.
When I got home (2 pm) I made pasta. Went to read you-already-know-what-book. Watched Shane Dawson. Two videos. I had to. Things clickbait can make you do. Studied French.

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