Back again

So I know I haven’t written anything in here for a while, but that’s because I’ve been very sick for the past weekend. 

I haven’t been up to much, really. I tried going on short walks, but then felt so dizzy after a while that I had to go back home. 

Peeve was passive, too. He looked like he was half asleep for the most part. 

Amy was, as always, extremely optimistic. She offered to go to the park together. I think she likes me. Always smiling at me like that.

But the truth is, I’m most likely asexual. I mean, I’m not really attracted to anyone. People around me are just – people. They don’t pay any attention to me most of the time, and, even though I always watch them very carefully, I’m not too interested.


Of course, I had to go back to school today. And tell you what – the chemistry teacher said I had to write an essay on – what else? – states of matter. That’s, like, seventh grade. And still I tried, and that’s what I got.


Say I have some liquid Darmstadtium. I mean, I probably shouldn’t, but let’s assume I’m some kind of radioactivity-resistant Vulcan and I’m using the Force to stop the Darmstadtium atoms from falling apart. Alright, so I have my plastic baggie with about 1 quart of Darmstadtium, and all of a sudden I decide that I want to freeze it. Just like that. So I casually put it in the freezer right next to some ice cream and wait for however long one should wait to freeze Ds. And then, when it finally freezes, I take it out and happily announce that I now have some solid Darmstadtium. Then I put it in a bowl, and after some time, when it melts, I have once again some liquid Ds. Then say I slip into my mind palace because my mom was yelling at me to clean it up a bit. And then, when I go back into reality, I find that some of my Darmstadtium had evaporated, layer by layer, and now I have less of it in a liquid form. The rest has become gas. So then I decide to evaporate my Darmstadtium. So I boil it in a pan at high heat. Since the pan goes all the way around the liquid, it’s heated everywhere at the same time – that’s the difference between boiling and evaporating. Then it condensates on the lid and becomes liquid again. So I decide to freeze it once more. I take all the Darmstadtium I have, shove it in the freezer again, and, as soon as it freezes, I take it out. But, say, while it was freezing, the temperature had went up. So I take it out, and it just starts becoming gas without turning into liquid first. I start panicking, throw Darmstadtium into a pan and go to a cooler place. There I put it down and it becomes liquid again after a while. Then I pour it out into some Klingon’s garden, change my clothes and leg it from Q’onoS.

Liquid has a defined volume, but no defined shape. It takes the shape of the container it’s in.

Cats have a defined volume, but, apparently, no defined shape. They take the shape of  container they’re in.

Therefore, cats are liquid. ©

The Klingon army doesn’t have a defined shape or volume. Therefore, Klingons are gas. Ssshhh, don’t tell them that.


The teacher said I had “nice imagination”. She showed the essay to my English teacher. She gave me extra points. Hah.

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