Be kind to yourself

I started back at the gym early January after not exercising for over a year and a half.

There was a time when I swore by exercise, it was one of my faveourite things in life.  It gave me purpose, it helped my clear my mind and helped me improve my depression and beat and eating disorder.

It was around two years ago that drinking began to subsidise exercise.  Instead of going to the gym in order to  declutter my mind I took the easy root of numbing my thoughts with booze.

Although I have only been back exercising for a month I can already feel the benefits kick in.  My personal trainer works me so hard that every ounce of anger is stripped from my mind.  I am eating healthy foods, and have began to care about my body,  I want to nourish it to the best I can. 

I think the most important lesson I have learnt is that in order for me to be happy… I must like myself enough to want to care for myself.  When I am kind to myself I am happy! 


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