Day 346 – Acrylic, Nosedive and French

Tuesday, February 7th 2017

Darn, not a snow day… But! There has been icy rain tonight, so hopefully tomorrow.

I started the day with art. Our teacher gave us the option to start using acrylic and paint whatever we wanted. I said yes hesitantly, since I usually hate painting other than watercolour, cause I end up nearly crying, cause I’m awful at it (even though I know I just need proper practice), but after hesitating some more, I just jumped in and started doing what I felt was right. That’s what I realised lately. I spend too much time thinking and fixing with art that sometimes I just need to do—just let my actions and instincts bring me somewhere. It becomes more enjoyable and I usually end up with better results.

So far I only did a black and white background (that I have to add more to), and then I’m gonna paint a tree with blue leaves. I watched a tutorial and I’ll follow it, but at the same time do what I feel is right.

After that, I had English. We continued reading and then watched the rest of Nosedive from Black Mirror. We have to write a viewer’s response, so we had to take notes during it and at some point, the character meets a woman in a truck that has 1.8 stars. She explained how in the past she was a 4.5 and lived for it, until she realised it was pointless and decided to do whatever she wanted instead of being a slave to it. I immediately wanted to write about how it represents our social media (like Megg commented on my last entry), because sometimes we get so caught up in trying to get likes, upvotes, retweets, etc. that we are constantly looking to see if anyone has and basically becoming a slave to it. We would essentially become that social media, or do everything for that social media, instead of doing whatever we wanted or enjoyed without it, like the woman with 1.8 stars.

We had an early lunch cause it was the winter festival. I sat with Kohai and we decided to study for our French quiz along with her friend. Her friend is nice, but she talks a little too much sometimes. We had to shush her at some point. Though I’ve known her since 7th grade, so… Kinda already know that. Just worth mentioning I suppose. Details. Writing details is good.

I went off to psychology and most of the class was discussing franco-ontariens, because of culturism. One of the question was “do you consider yourself franco-ontarien”, and I’m not sure. I mean, I lived most of my life in Ontario (since I was a baby) and I speak French, but I do speak French because I was born in Quebec and my parents are Quebecois, so is most of my family, so I’m cheating there. Technically I’m not, but I can be considered. I guess I only think I am, since most of my life I have been told I am one by my French teachers and they didn’t know I was Quebecois.

I ended the day with French. We had a sub (that looked oddly familiar, so I guessed he was a sub I used to have back in elementary school—he confirmed it, because he knew a classmate’s name that went to my elementary school and he said he mostly subs 3rd and 4th graders, but wow, his appearance did not change at all), so we didn’t have our quiz. I decided to read the chapter Kohai wanted me to read, because it reminded her of a teacher, then I went and finished Part I of 1984, did a few questions, just talked with Kohai and complained how she doesn’t have to do breakfast for her sister. She’s fifteen now, she can do it herself. I even texted her sister by using her phone that she can make herself a “freaking bowl of cereal”. Might of been a bit mean the way I put what I said, but seriously…

At home I was really tired, so I mostly watched YouTube, went to play on the server a bit, ate, finished all my 1984 homework (groaning in the process even if I like the book—just super tired) and then played Brawlhalla. A moderator (the only from yesterday) saw me go on, so he joined me and I had fun getting my butt kicked every time. He’s really good at the game and I only started a few days ago, so it makes sense. 

I went to watch The Clone Wars with my dad and did St. Valentine’s stuff on Tuber Simulator.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Hey Obs. Thanks for that comment that you posted. I’m still feeling a little down today and would appreciate it if I had someone to talk to, so do you want to talk a little bit later today?

    Sorry, I feel bad for feeling bad, and I hate myself for it, because I know you might judge me negatively for it. I hope that you can still accept that part of me though, I don’t feel bad on purpose.

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