Episode 4+5, Bowling and Birthday

Did quite a few things yesterday and the day before, had a lazy start like usual on Monday, felt a little down and in between moods. Went over to the climbing wall, payed to get in and it turns out half of its shut for re bolting. After this I made my way to see a friend in the same town, we looked around a building and messed about a bit. Went home and slept. Yesterday I had Uni, my first day back since starting my journal. Was so tired. I just received my modafinil as well, I am planning on taking it soon to see if it can stop me being sleep during lecture.

I got invited to go bowling for a fellow campus’ friends birthday. Shes 19 today. I payed her in, as she had my back another night. There was 11 of us, we had two lanes, I felt a little quiet. I dont really know what to say other than.. “nice one!” “ohh close” etc. The birthday girl is on the lane opposite. Last year I pretty much admitted I liked her but she doesn’t like me in, that sorta way 😉 She’s always a little awkward around me now. 

There was also this other girl that I like, she probably has no idea that I like her. I mean she’s the type of girl to know that she’s hot, which is a little annoying. But she was dressed down and totally casually it was really nice to see her like this, I usually see her on nights out.

We went back, birthday girl’s family came over so we lost her, I stayed with a few others and we started a 1000 piece jigsaw. Did pretty well, had some top bants, and I left. Had a game of CSGO with the ‘lads’ who I frequently play with. Was fun

Now Im just sat here on my dinner break getting ready to go back to practical part of Uni, they’re going out tonight but I don’t know. I might go out, drinking, you know. But I’m going out on Friday night too. I’ll see what these other lads who I hang around with are doing, they usually don’t drink and we do photography together. We’ll see. I don’t mind.


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