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Remedies for Itchy dog – from Albert moons

Frequently ask question:

How my dog does get itchy? My dog has a skin problem? Is my dog affected by fleas?

People frequently assume that insects or fleas are the cause of the dog’s itching. Fleas biting causes scratching, itching and chewing leads the irritation to the dog. Allergy can cause itching in dogs. Combinations of allergens, fleas, dry skin leads to irritation.

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How to avoid or minimize dog from itching

  • Daisy oil home-made oil from Albert moons. Apply the oil on Itchy dog skin for three times a day. The fleas and infected area are minimizing day by day.
  • Too much applying shampoo may leads to skin and hair dry. It increases itchy allergens and irritation too. 1 tea spoon of shampoo is enough.
  • Soak of salt in hot water and Soothing on itchy spot. Can reduce itching.

The Dog is loyal animal. Dog is true friend of a human. A true friend to human is a dog. A Pet caretaker has to check for environment demerits, parasitic, allergies, nature food habitats, and Infectious. Giving a health cab bay off or fight against these problems along with regular check-up with the veterinarian is a good call for the dog’s health.

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