Limits of Trust

 What exactly is trust? I know it’s not a concept that can be black and white, there’s always a grey area. Just like the world and everything in it, nothing is good and bad completely, so if that’s true, then what exactly is considered trust and what is not? Trust is a measure of ones safety, so it is to me. Since trust can’t be measured on a scale, and since trust is measured in your own way, is it possible to trust someone but still hold back on something you don’t wish to tell? The more someone knows about you, the more advantage they have, the more ability to hurt you. I don’t have trust issues, I’m rather open with people at times, except when I don’t want to be.

I recently had someone who wanted me to share something that I didn’t want to share. They keep pushing at times, which makes it worse. Makes it less likely for me to even consider it. I thought maybe it was okay, since it was only once or twice. Even if I’m “Mysterious” to him, it doesn’t mean I don’t trust him. Some people don’t understand that. Keeping information to myself is fine.

I know why they want so much information, and they know I know. When I told him that I couldn’t tell him, no, plainly didn’t want to give it to him, he left with a last attempt to gain access to me. I disliked his pushy behavior, so I don’t regret letting him go. He gave up when I wouldn’t give him what he wanted, just goes to show what people’s true intentions are.

He couldn’t even hold up to my limit, what I was willing to give him versus what I wasn’t. People like that can’t hold relationships, not even one’s that only involve friends.

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