pumped up kicks

it’s interesting how a song that sounds so lazily hipster-indie and cheerful can have such dark lyrics.


i love it.



i was reading the journals and writings of the two columbine shooters and it was both disturbing and sad. sometimes it bothers me how much i will never know about the people that float so close to me in school, in life, and how they are going through so much that i don’t know about, and i can’t help them. it’s both scary and sad. how people around me could be angry enough to kill other people, or sad enough to kill themselves. that scares me and pains me. i wish i could help them.


anyway, indie rock and dance music. modest mouse – float on. modest mouse – dashboard. mgmt – electric feel. empire of the sun – walking on a dream. franz ferdinand – take me out. foster the people – pumped up kicks. peter bjorn and john – young folks. the killers – when you were young.

(okay, so i don’t know what genre these songs are. fuck me. i never have any idea. i can’t tell the difference between different subgenres.)


stress for the nhs. stress stress stress. looking at colleges during the free part of computer programming, and pomona sounds great, but it’s expensive. fifty thousand tuition a year plus fifteen thousand for boarding. fuck no i don’t have that much money, unless i get a fantastic scholarship for being awesome, which isn’t likely, since i’m not and pomona had a 10% acceptance rate in 2015.


don’t know what i’m doing with my life right now but mindlessly refreshing my gpa and praying i can keep it up with physics so fucking bad right now. it’s an 81. ehhhhhhhh *slowly slides off chair while making dolphin creaking noises* i don’t like having b’s.


but i’ll float on. float on alright. and we’ll all float on okay.

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  1. Whoa, I know all those songs!!!

    You’re going to like this song: Your Woman by White Town

    It’s in the same style and genre as all those other songs you listed!!

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