Day 347 – Dreams, art and convos

Wednesday, February 8th 2017

Okay so. I’m excited. Really, really excited.

I’ve tried a trick for dreams. The trick is that before going to bed, if you want to dream of something, you think “I wanna dream of __”, and then think of only that until you fall to sleep, then, you’ll dream of it. I tried this the past three days. They worked. Every. Time.

Every time I said outloud “I will dream of being in the Harry Potter universe”, or something related to Harry Potter. The thinking part isn’t hard for me, since I can carry on with thinking about stories in my head of being in that universe, as I usually do with other shows or movies. But the first time I tried, I dreamed about owning Dumbledore’s office, the second I was at an event, Harry Potter event, specifically, then last night, part of my dream, the characters became the Mauraders, and I had Snape even hug me at some point (it was very vivid, like I could really feel the cloth of his cloak). 

I’m gonna try again tonight, and if it happens again, I’ll be incredibly happy. I’ve said “I will dream of _” out loud to myself to make sure. I’ll be using this trick so often.

Speaking of dreaming, since I had a snow day, I went back to bed and found myself often being half asleep, half awake, which caused lucid and vivid dreaming. Everything felt real, even at some point I remember shortly being on this machine hanging from the ceiling and I looked down, and I felt a pit in my stomach and it just looked really real. I woke up shortly after that, and quickly fell back asleep, which caused the lucid part.

Anyway, I spent a large amount of my day doing art stuff. I now have a Twitter account where I’ll finally be posting art to, as well as a YouTube channel for animations soon. I’ve been putting it off for so long, but now I’m really motivated. I tried our SAI, and it worked so well with me. I also asked if one of the owners of the server wanted to do an art collab, so now we will once a month. We’re really excited.

Here’s what I drew :

I plan on using it as my mascot for the Twitter and YT channel. The owners called it “ghost kitty”, so that’s what I’m naming it, or at least, the species.

The rest of the day I helped on the server, watched YouTube videos and talked with Megg. We talked about various topics such as a scuba diver recording his death, since drowned while diving (that was depressing and scary), which brought the topic to having a meaningful life and how I want to just be kind to people and help them, and he wants to improve the world. It was a nice talk, I enjoyed it.

Though on the other hand, I was having a not so nice talk with an old online friend. He’s just… He makes jokes related to Nazism and school shootings, which even got him expelled from his school and brought to court shortly. That kind of humour. I kind of told him he was being rude at some point and it killed the conversation, but I don’t mind. He and I don’t mix.

Kohai announced to me that she got a job, so really happy for her!

I watched an episode of Supernatural and now I’m going to bed.

That’s all for today.


4 thoughts on “Day 347 – Dreams, art and convos”

  1. I meant first YT video as in, your first video in this new animation channel you’re making. I can’t wait for your first YT video in this new channel.

    Also I asked about the signature in your ‘first digital art piece’, because you said in our skype chat: “I actually made a proper digital art for the first time with the cat”

    I am confused by your reply 😛

  2. I didn’t say anything about YT—I understood what you said lol.

    And I just said my Skype user, for my “first digital art piece” (basically involved tracing/had lack of skill, hence why I think anything before the cat was improper).

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