Day 9 – 30 Days of Discipline

Exercise is the answer!   But what was the question…..

How do you get out of a funk, feel less lethargic, more energized and change your view of the world?

That’s how I started today.  Feeling icky, lazy and tired….not wanting to do anything, much less exercise.  But I started to think, this isn’t getting any better….time to make a change.  So I looked back through some previous workouts and came across this insane one we did in December.  We all worked through the circuit at our own pace and it was timed to serve as a benchmark. I completed it in 40 minutes and a few seconds .  I hated every minute of it. 

Why the hell would I do it again, right?  I wanted to see how out of shape I’ve gotten since December.  So I gathered everything I needed, turned up the music, set my timer and hit it.  I did every damned exercise and every damned burpee, stopping very little for breaks and refusing to look at the timer until I was finished. 

Take a guess what my time was?  27 minutes and 55 seconds!  I’m not making that up….I’m serious….27:55.  I’m not sure I even believe it but HELLS YA!  Look at me go.  

After I died a little on the couch, chugged water and a banana, I felt so great.  Everything inside my body started firing again.  I went to yoga and did two hours and I feel proud as hell.  

My discipline today is to remember no matter how tired & lazy the body feels, it will always feel better after exercise….so get your butt off the couch, crank up the tunes & get sweaty! 

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