Episode 6, Out to the club

Lazily made food, dossed around for hours before going for predrinks at flat 120 last night. On the Ale. Awful stuff, but cheap.

I was first there for predrinks, and suddenly within an hour there’s me, about 5 people I know who live at the flat, and about 10-15 people who I have no bloody idea. More drink is needed to socialise with this lot. I got talking to a girl, you know nothing suggestive, I was just trying to talk to another human I have never met.

Making our way to the club, drunken walks all the way. Atmosphere was sound. By the time we get in the club? Went to shit kinda. This girl I was talking to wouldn’t leave me alone. Literally. Holding my bloody hand. I just want to dance with my ‘friends’. This goes on for hours, I lose her, try to hide and chill at another part of the club and she appears out of nowhere. I had to ask my friends to cock block me or whatever. I was having non of it but she was very fucking persuasive. Ended up ignoring my phone for the night and had 20 missed calls off her and a bunch of texts. I mean I have known her for about 3 hours what the fuck. And in no way have I tried to lure her. Other than when she forcibly kissed me. Fucking cunt. Can’t people just enjoy the music? I’m in the wrong place.


Anyway like usual some people go home and a few stayed, in the end it was me, Lucy and Lisa. Lisa is having a blast, im mellow having a blast but on edge if that girl finds me and Lucy is not having fun as she has a 9am lecture. The three of us trooper on till 3A.M.

I really like Lucy, I’ve told her drunkenly. But she’s just way out my league. She knows this, which is a little annoying. She likes the DJ that was playing and managed to talk to him and kiss or something. I wasn’t there, she was just telling me. 

Let me get this straight, as you might of learned so far I’m a reserved person. I am very quiet with not many friends. Last night I really almost fully opened out like a fucking flower.I talked to so many people, I couldn’t count. It was great to just have a laugh with complete strangers in a club, also the strangers at the pre drinks.

Didn’t drink enough too throw up, so even though I was all over the place, I was in almost full control. That’s 3 ale, 1 lager, and 2 vodka and lemonade. Not bad. I’m lightweight as hell, one or two more and I would of been on the floor.

Well we got home, it’s so annoying still when I’m with Lucy I just want to kiss her. But can’t. Bizarre. Plenty of occasions where I could of as well, but I was so drunk.

Anyway roll on today and I’ve been in bed all day. The thing I don’t get is, like I try to make small talk with a few people and they ignore me, like they should be top ‘friends’? I live in a different flat, alone but close by. I said I’d come help clean up but one totally ignored me. So just left it at that… I ain’t going to pester anyone. I feel like im not quite inside the ‘crew’ just an outsider. I have a few social circles down here away from home, and never really fully in one, whereas, these people on campus are well into their clique.

I really don’t want to go out anymore to the commercial club scene with this lot now. I’m going out tomorrow night, by myself in London with a DnB club, haven’t bothered asking anyone because most people are Under 21 and its a 21+ club. After last night, I feel a little better going I was going to bail. But I guess if I can get quite mortal, I’ll be able to talk to some strangers. 

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