How can i forget you my potpot?


The moment that i saw you..again!!!

that smile i can’t resist..

every single word i heard about you.  The good news and the bad..

The whisper of that voice, it’s killing me so bad.


i hate your smile..

i hate everything about you

i hate you because i love you so much.

I hate you because of this pain i felt right now.


i wanted to hug you..your big tummy so tight,

i love to hold your hand and hug you from behind.

i love the way you pull me closer to you with that lips that sealed into mine.

I love the way i look at you in the eye.  I can’t explain why and no need to ask because everytime i saw you it feels like you are my everything. I always love to smile when we were together. You makes my day complete despite those tears of worries.  How can i forget you potpot? Still missing you so much. The hug, the kiss and that big tummy makes me sick until now.

imissyou potpot..



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