How things will be (that’s a pretty good thing).

 First of all, no more “logs”. I don’t know why I did them in the first place. Maybe to sound smart? I certainly don’t feel smart, I just feel normal. I’ve loosened up a lot, thanks to La Beaute and Chismin.

Daniel called early in the morning and asked if I wanted anything from La Beaute (you can pre-order a sort of meal over the phone and pick it up), because he could get me a discount? I ordered something big enough for Chismin and I, something neither of us have ordered before, since I knew he would be coming over today. Surely enough, he came over and I had quite the platter ready. He hugged me real tight.

Again, him and I are just relaxing. I think he’s trying to cuddle up to me. Not that I’m stopping that, but the whoop is kicking in really bad right now. Whenever I see him smile at me, or hold me by the arm, or take my hand, or do anything, I just have to stop and watch and process it all. How can someone just woo me and catch my attention so fast? He amazes me.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think I know how I feel for Chismin, now. How could I not love someone so wonderful?

I feel the need to tell him. I want to get this out. But what if he doesn’t feel the same? Will things be awkward?

Maybe I should take his advice and wait until I know how I feel. Maybe I’m just confused. But I know that I feel so calm and happy when I’m around him. He’s my best friend, and I love every moment we spend together.

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