Power Struggle?

That’s what it has been over the years.  King and I are very independant, very stubborn people. Partnership is hard when both personalities are strong and independant. We butt heads A LOT. I cave just because most things aren’t worth the fight for me. 

I have made many changes over the years. He has also but I feel like I have made more…not like I’m keeping score or anything. My housekeeping skills now boarder on neurotic to please him. I wasn’t dirty before…just messy. He now shares the same bathroom. I put the toilet lid down. He now used words like “Us” and “Ours”.  He doesn’t like me smoking pot in the house because he can’t smoke right now…so I go outside, no complaints. I have learned how to cook….things like this.  

I have asked him for a couple years now if he would kindly close the shower curtain, please. It doesn’t get crusty and mildewy as fast. He retorts with “you don’t always put back the pot holders”. Are you fucking serious? “I can’t because you don’t”…..we argue. The  he says he can’t because he is worried about snakes in the tub so he needs it open so he can see if they are there.  We live in the counrty and our septic is a lagoon. If you aren’t sure what that quite is, let me paint a pretty picture for you. I have your typical home sewage pipe buried down a few feet and runs about 60 yards away from my house, slightly down hill. Out of the ground from there is about a foot of pipe sticking out over turd pond. Yes…I have a pond of poo in my yard.. So, the snake in the tub is plausable. Not likely but a possibility.  Anyway…I chewed him out to put his big girl panties on and look before diving in. 

Long story short….This last week, he has been closing it! Then he struts around like a peacock or a preschooler wanting his gold star for making boom boom in the potty. 

We are getting there. Thankfully we have many more years to perfect this life. 

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