So much going on in my Mind!

So, I went to the gym for the first time on Tuesday. I loved it. Starting out slowly. Then Wednesday I was so sick I didn’t go to work. Stayed in bed all day. Don’t really feel a lot better now but I came back to work.

Oh well, I am still ready to get going oh being healthy again.

On another note… not sure what to think about with my relationship… been with my boyfriend for over a year, when we first got together things were great. But all of a sudden with in the third or fourth month he pulled back. We hardly ever have sex, when I try to play around and kiss on him etc, he tells me to stop. I feel so unbelievably unattractive to him. My heart is breaking in a million pieces and he doesn’t seem to care. I have told him repeatedly how I feel and he says sorry, but nothing changes… he has never said he loves me… and after this much time I feel like he only has me around so he won’t be lonely. I don’t what to do. I have pretty much begged for sex on a regular basis and still as of now I have had sex ONCE since the beginning of 2017. And he doesn’t seem to care. he actually pretends he doesn’t hear me if I say something to him and if I send him a message on the phone he reads it and then goes back to whatever he is doing!!! I am a mess and don’t know what to do?!?!?!?!?!?!?

2 thoughts on “So much going on in my Mind!”

  1. Life goes by quickly, you have invested about a year of your life with this person, things between you should be getting better not worst-sounds like he is not as committed to you as you are to him-time to make a hard decision-you should be with someone who values you and wants to be with you

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