so in recent big news, i have gotten much better at speaking up in english class. shocking, i know, but i actually really enjoy having my opinions be heard, even if they are stupid, and i cringe looking back on my voice or gestures or wording. it’s something.


phys test tomorrow. no corrections or allowances this time, so i’ve got to do well on it. uhhh. not sure how that’s going to work out for me, but. yeah.


i STILL have to do that goddamn mousetrap car. jesus. i hope it works out okay, because it’s a major grade, and if i get an a on it, i can bump up my physics grade before it’s used as an actual thing for the six weeks. lol. i barely made a 90 in physics last semester, and i need to keep my grades in all a’s if i want to be on the a-honor-roll-thing……….

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