The Day Off

In the after math of yesterday’s violent incident at Deedee’s school, I felt sick to my stomach sending her back there. So I didn’t. I gave her the choice of staying home or going to school. She opted to stay home. Believe it or not that is unusual for Deedee. She goes to school even when she’s sick. 

I obviously haven’t solved the school situation in a day. Home schooling, it isn’t really an option. Deedee is going to the governor’s school, but that is only for her junior and senior year. Since we are planning on moving and looking at houses, The Man and I think we should look for a place that is not in our current district. Bitter sweet because I love this town, but with a school system this crappy – I can’t accept the standards in place when it comes to my own children.

In other news, we had a doctor’s appointment for Snooch this afternoon. After some talk with the doctor we made the decision to double her zoloft dosage, but to discountinue the sleeping medication. I’m hoping this will help her depression. The doctor mentioned our big goal is to treat the depression so we can lessen the risperdal. She, on her own, in her professional training, is thinking along the same lines that I am. I really like this doctor and have a lot of confidence in how she is managing Snooch’s treatment. 

Before we left the health center, they took Snooch’s vitals. Her weight… oh my… I know she has been putting on some pounds, but she’s really heavy. My latest goal is to help her lose 20 pounds. 

When it comes to kids and their weight, you have to approach the issue so carefully. Their confidence needs to be raised. They need positive, good self esteem. You can not be critical! You can not be a drill sergeant. If you want them to stick to it, you need to keep in fun. It’s important to give lots of encouragement. 

I started my mission today. We went for a long, fast paced walk along the little river. It’s a really pretty walk way that winds along beside  the river and a play ground. There are rail road over passes, benches, and all sorts of decorative structures. Deedee came with us. I don’t think the trail is overly long, not enough to get our heart rates up, so we walked it twice.

Snooch seemed exhausted almost immediately. She use to be such a physically active kid, always running and always climbing. Now she seemed like her movements were cumbersome and sluggish. She expressed an interest about the swing set at the play ground, the symbol of the youth she was slipping away from. I used the swings to my advantage. “After we do our laps you can play on the swings,” I promised her as a reward for her hard work. It was enough to motivate her. As she stepped closer and closer to the swing set, every step was lighter than the one before. 

Finally we finished our walk. Deedee and Snooch had the whole play ground to themselves. With no prying eyes to judge my tween & teen, the girls ran about on the equipment. So what do you know? Snooch was keeping up her activity level just be swinging and running around on a jungle gym. She climbed the rock wall. Through her hard work, she keep a smile on her face.

Tonight for dinner I tried to cook healthy. I made ginger sesame chicken with a side of grilled asparagus. I over cooked the asparagus, but flavor wise everything was good.

I hope tomorrow was like today. Today was a good, good day.

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  1. new to the online journal and today was my first entry, I left it private because I wasn’t to sure on how I would feel about other ppl reading my thoughts… thanks for sharing, I myself suffer from bipolar depression and I wish the best, its a hard disease to deal with but with treatment she can get better! best of luck

  2. I have bipolar depression, as well. I wish my mother noticed it to help me earlier. I had depression and anxiety issues since I was a kid but no one really cared to get me help because I was a “good girl.” Now that I am almost 30 my mother is very supportive but I can’t help to wonder how life would have been for me if she or any adult around me noticed I needed medical attention. Thank you for trying. Don’t give up!

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