Through The Muck

I’m at my wits end. I really am. Everything at home is great. It’s Deedee’s high school that is becoming a HUGE issue. When I say HUGE issue, I say that as an understatement. 

There was the incident on Tuesday… that in itself is awful. Today parents received calls during the school day do to a large number of fights breaking out during the day. Fights in the cafeteria. Fights in the hallways. Fights in the classrooms. Fights in the bathrooms. It was not a school day. It was a WWE brawl. High schoolers gone wild. 

In truth, yes, I would be surprised if Deedee’s four years of high school passed by without her ever seeing a fight. However a stabbing on Tuesday and interruptions due to fighting all day long on Thursday – this is too damn much!!!

I am Furious. I understand it is NOT an easy thing to teach high schoolers, but clearly whatever system is in place IS NOT working. This is like a prison during a full scale riot. These teachers, resource officers, administrators DO NOT HAVE the situation under control.

When parents get these messages about violent incidents, we fly to the school. We pick up our kids for early dismissal. That’s what we did when we heard about today. I had seen some livestream videos of today’s fights while I was at work. We picked Deedee right away.

How can my kid learn through this muck?


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  1. Commenting instead of eta:
    The situation has hit a new low. Last night via social media several students made threats involving bringing guns to school & finishing their quarrels with other students. I ended up having to keep Deedee home today.

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