WIsh I Could Have My Bf All To Myself

I really REALLY want to talk to my boyfriend about my current anxieties about my new job but his little sister is in the living room talking to him and he is distracted. I wish he would come lay down with me (it is already after midnight) and talk to me and give me hugs, but he is unable to because he is talking to his fucking sister. I live with him and his sister. I moved into their apartment, so it is not like I have the right to complain. 

Then his other sister, who he is even MORE close to, wants to come visit. Fantastic. 

I wish I could be with a man who doesn’t have any fucking siblings. A man who can devote his time to loving me and only me. A man who gives me all of his attention. A man who has space in his heart for only me.  

Is that too much to ask?

Yes, I know this screams Daddy Issues. I have every right to my Daddy Issues since my father died when I was a little girl.  

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