It’s always so boring at school. I mean yes, there’s panicking for a test or teachers borderline insulting other students or new gossip…but it’s SO boring. The thing is, there’s no action or suspense (except when you’re waiting to find out whether you’re going to summer school or not). There’s no fist-fights in the corridor or girls crying in class because they have just broken up with their boyfriends. There’s no kids speaking to teachers in obscene language and death-threats. No crazy happy couples, no sex in the bathroom. Nothing. Nothing happens at that school. Maybe it’s me. Probably it is me. Because there could be two fist-fights, one teacher having a mental breakdown, five cake sales, five public breakups, ten guys with accidental boners, three girls dressed like absolute shit, and seven expelled students in one day and I would still not be entertained or amused or happy or content.

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