Another cat




Apparently, yes. On my way home from school today I noticed a kitten. It wasn’t scared of me or anything. Just staring at me, not moving. I thought about Cairo’s yowling, Peeve’s check-up vet and food bills, hair, claws, litter boxes…

Then just grabbed the little thing and took her home. 

Amy was beaming when she saw the newbie, and Cairo was shooting lasers from his eyes. Peeve tasted the air and seemed to dislike the smell, so I took the cat to the bathroom, “borrowed” Cairo’s shampoo and washed my new live-in one.

Then I took some of my money I was saving up for a car – who needs cars in London when we’ve got cabbies and cool buses? – and went to “Pet London” with The Cat, because I don’t like cleaning up blood, especially if it’s cat blood.

I bought her a nice blue litter box, a cat bed, kitty litter, some cat food and a food/water bowl. I think I’d buy some other stuff, but the store was closing at 18:30 and I had to come back tomorrow. And overall I spent 200 pounds on her. I’ve really got to get a job.


I never thought that owning a cat could be so exciting on the very first day. When I came home after that, I asked Amy about her first experience with Cairo. She said she got him for her birthday twelve years ago. He was just a kitten then. They got him from an animal shelter back in America, and he was scared stiff at first and scratched everyone. But then he became a “friendly boy”. I asked what happened then – there must be a reason for him being such a doofus sometimes. She said nothing happened, but when he was about nine years old he was ill or something. They saved him, but he lost his hearing on one ear. 

And, just to be polite, I said I was sorry about that.


I need some help coming up with a name for my cat. It’s a girl.

3 thoughts on “Another cat”

  1. What does she look like?
    You’re into Shelock Holmes & Dr. Who – maybe use the name of your favorite character?

    What about: London? Lily? Paris?

  2. Awww congratulations on having another little quiet buddy. I really hope Peeve doesn’t eat the kitten though. Um.

    You could call the cat River. Or Pond, like a little Amelia of your own. Or Idris, like the TARDIS’ human form. Or Madame Vastra. Or Queen of Years. Or Undyne the Undying. Whoops, fandom slip. Sorry.

  3. I would call her Sherlock if it was a he, but she looks NOTHING like Sherlock, and Jim is a male name. LOL.
    I don’t really like Madame Vastra as a character. I guess Idris would be a good one.

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