Are you listening?

So I guess recently I have realised that talking about it doesn’t help but writing and taking time to process helps me work things out. I guess it would just be nice to know someone out there is listening, and hopefully reads what the real life is like. Are you listening?

So to say I had a shitty childhood would be an understatement- and no, this isn’t a cliché brat response looking into the past- I promise.

I don’t know where to start so maybe I will start with the fresh. The current.

Hi, Im 18 years of age, and I think I am pregnant.
And I don’t know who the father is.

One thought on “Are you listening?”

  1. You have to find out for sure if you are pregnant before you are able to take any further steps. Its scary to deal with this kind of situation at a young age. You got to start by taking the first step and start dealing with reality with actions, the sooner that you do it, the faster you will be able to plan what your next step should be-just take it step by step. Good Luck

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