Day 10 – 30 Days of Discipline

Wowwwwwww, am I sore today. I even resorted to Advil.  I love the feeling of sore muscles, makes me know I’ve exercised my body to its greatest capacity, but sometimes the soreness can be extreme, and that’s what today felt like.  My whole body ached, but the worst was in my back. It was escalated at Yin this morning where we focused on our spine. 

By 6:00pm, I was done trying to enjoy the soreness and settled in on the Advil. I’m glad I did.  It relieved the pain, helped me rest and will aid my sleep and recovery. 

I’ve learned over the years to listen closely to what my body says and needs. I’ve ignored it….lots of times….and guess what?  I’ve injured myself.  If you ever need a knee brace or sleeve, I’m your girl.  And wrists….I’ve got those covered too.  Of course, let’so not forget my chronic shoulder.  Pain (not free) since 1989!   

Now when I hurt myself, I know to rest and recover. Pushing through an injury, besides being ridiculous in thought, leads to chronic pain and unrecoverable damage.  I will never do a jumping lunge ever again and most shoulder exercises are off limits.  But it’s how we learn to discipline ourselves.  

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