Day 20 – Don’t get anywhere near me

Febuaray 10, 2017

So today the way I feel I should be court mandated to stay away from everyone. The hostility I feel is so great over such remedial stuff. I woke up late just feeling like complete shit. Then I have to go grocery shopping takes me 45 minutes to get my car out of a parking spot and only was able to because some nice guy helped me. I should be thankful but I can’t keep thinking about how shitty I looked and I was literally crying. My husband calls to see how my day is all I end up doing is yelling at him as if he can control the car from work. Then I go to the store and there were just so many people! I mean I should have known but ugh so any people so I’m completely on edged. 

Then I get a phone call from the gym membership I missed a payment because I needed to get a new credit card because I lost it at the gym. Isn’t that karma at its fucking finest. So now it’s a 20$ fee because it’s a day late like yea no I’m not paying that. So I have to figure that out. 

Then I come home to find he didn’t take out the trash for the 4th day in a row and basically because I took a vacation day from cleaning nothing is done. What a shocker! 

In 4 days it’s Valentine’s Day and then 20th is my 6 month. I don’t buy him anything for Valentine’s Day because that’s the girls holiday but what do I get him for the 20th? That’s not overly priced. He bought me apparently 100$ pajamas like WHAT? We do not have money for that, I mean it’s such a sweet thought and it shouldn’t irritate me but we don’t have the money so it does and now I’m not able to get him a real gift. 

I am so hostile and I don’t even have a cig because my wonderful husband smoked the rest before work but let the package next to the lighter so I would think I’d have one left. I am just so beyond aggravated because I am not going back out there. 

Ive been having such great days this day just needs to be over like now 

Tasha Out😘

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