Friday, February 10th

We had school today. Only one snow day. We are doing the 3rd day of language arts testing today, and I am so sleepy. Sitting/standing and doing nothing makes me sleepy. Ugh. I can’t go home and lay down, either because I made plans. 🙁 I am going out to Christine’s for dinner, and I’m supposed to stop off on the way and have a drink with a Tinder guy. 🙁 I am very gun shy about meeting anyone from the internet after they way that last guy treated me. Accused me of using old photos- now I’m paranoid that I don’t look like my photos. I supposed I could have aged or gained some weight since the last photo was taken in ? September or so?? Surely I do not look that completely different from photos taken just a few months ago. I am yawning my head off- can barely hold my eyes open! AND I’m hungry.

I also made a brunch date for Sunday from Bumble BFF. I am hoping to make a friend. I would really love to have a best friend. I have never had one besides Edward. 

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