I have to forget you

Everyday that I think about you makes me miss you even more. I know I shouldn’t think about you because you don’t care. I never have my hopes up when it comes to you. I don’t even expect my feelings to be reciprocated. I like you and I love you at the same time, too bad I just can’t read you nor penetrate you. I can sense that you have your guard up, you’ve built walls around you that are hard to conquer. I cannot get inside your heart and I don’t know how. I don’t have the key to your heart and you won’t give it anyway. I just assumed you have no interest in me. I thought it was better that way but as months passed I regretted the opportunity of confessing. I looked back to all the guys that caught my attention. None of them would ever compare to you. I let go of the chance at happiness with another guy, twice, because all I know is that I won’t be happy with them when all I long for is you.

Time heals all wounds they say. And when the time comes that my heart be healed and ready to move on, I think that will be the time for me to be happy and fall in love with someone for real. I chose to feel this because I’m aware that I have idealized you. I know it’s wrong but I just can’t let go. 

But maybe, I am quite ready to forget about you. Thank you for comforting me during the time I needed a friend. And that made me realize that you’ll only see me as a friend or an acquaintance and nothing more. It hurts but I’ll live. I’m bleeding but I’ll survive. I’m just waiting for the day to fully heal all my wounds. Soon I am able to forget you, forgive myself, move on and finally open my heart to someone that reciprocates my feelings. I hope I can feel the same and much more to that special someone God created for me. I hope that man will find a way to me and I will wait for the day I will finally see him. Thank you S for being a friend and for treating me as one. Too bad I just don’t know where to stand in your life but everything is clear, we’re just friends so thank you.

I was infatuated with you then, I have loved you until now, but soon I will be able to forget you. Again, thank you.

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