I’m never dating again.

 Okay, I know everyone says that at some point. I’ve dated two men since separating from my husband, and they’ve both ended pretty badly. The first – I was absolutely enamored with him, and he didn’t want anything serious. It sucked, but I broke it off about a month into “hanging out.”

The second – he was completely enamored with ME, but I didn’t want anything serious because of the last guy. I ended up breaking it off two months into dating because he kept telling me he was falling for me (he eventually told me he loved me).

I’m feeling better today. I got really close to him, really, really fast, and I depended on him for a lot of things. I’ve decided I’m not going to date for awhile. I’m emotionally not ready, and hell, my divorce isn’t even final yet (next month!!!!).

So I’m making a vow to not talk to any guys for the next few months. Maybe I’ll be ready around summer time. But for now, getting my heart broken and breaking hearts isn’t really in my short-term plans. I have to focus on myself. Learn to love myself a bit more. Do things by myself. Confide in myself. I don’t need a man for that. 

2 thoughts on “I’m never dating again.”

  1. Why are you both divorcing? I am sorry but I haven’t seen your entries before. It’s gonna be aright and you’re gonna get the one for you soon.

  2. My ex and I were together for 6 years, married for 2, and owned a house together. He was increasingly getting violent and even worse so I left him last July. I have a journal entry on it, if you’d like to read it!

    And thank you 🙂 eventually I’ll find someone, but I need to date myself first, I think.

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