just some random message!

sometimes you feel that people around you lets say your friends have more freedom than you do  or they are more cool than you or intelligent than you. Things like such effect you in a negative way and changes your opinion about you and you start thinking that you really don’t matter or your opinion doesn’t matter but that’s not true. Who ever is feeling low right now, though you might not be reading this but its for you all out there. YOU DO MATTER AND THAT’S WHY YOU ARE HERE! you matter to your family, to your sibling , friends etc. Never think of yourself as of low value. If you didn’t matter then God would not have created you.  like we say every thing has a purpose and everything created by God serves in a way or two. so in same way you my friend are superior of all b/c you are a human being and you do matter and have purpose to fulfill.

life is never easy for all and if you my friend are going thru hardships then you arenot alone. there are people out there who are going thru greater miseries than u can imagine of and my friend don’t lose hope but keep trying as on the otherside of hradships there is happiness or lets say reward.

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