Shopping with my bestfriend

Ok, so today me and my bestfriend went to the mall to buy some stuff for the con we are going to next week. 

When were there we kept passing two girls that looked really cool. The other girl had split dye hair, one part pink and the other was black. The other girl was asian. We passed them acouple times and it wasn’t really a big deal. Then outside of a cafe they were sitting realxing on one of the seats. There was a swing there, and when me and my bestfriend passed my bestie was looking at the other girls hair, cause she thought it was pretty. I got small eye contact with the other girl, i was just looking to see who it was and it was not even for a second. Suddenly the asian girl said “Dont stare its rude” or something, I didn’t hear it. Though my bestfriend told me when we had passed them far enough. So I thought for myself for alittle, because the two girls really must have misunderstood. I then just walked back without saying anything to my bestfriend. When I got to them i looked on the girl straight in the eyes walking towards them. The asian girl didn’t know I came back until I started talking. “Sorry if we seemed alittle rude, we were just looking because youre hair is really nice”. My bestfriend was really expecting of me to start a fight, or just be really rude back to them. But no, I figured since its just a misunderstanding, lets just be nice, who knows they might be really cool people aswell (atleast they looked so). I’m hot tempered, short tempered. The asian girl who misunderstood didnt say anything, and was just staring at me really schocked that we came back. The pink haired girl though: “Oh thanks, i like your hair too” (my hair is pink aswell lol). Then thats the end of conversation. No misunderstandings, and well they seemed like my kind of people so if i ever see them again, were on the positive side instead of the negative 🙂

Also one of the fuckboys my bestfriend knows, or she blocked him a while ago because of innappropriate behavior. But when we saw him this time, he had really changed alot. He had dyed his hair dark and he was hanging our with a green haired girl. They both really looked like their literally just jumped from being fuckboy and fuckgirl straight to punk. It wasnt anything special to me, since i dont know any of them anyways. But my bestfriend on the other hand, really had a change of heart about him. He somehow became handsome now, and my bestfriend just felt like starting contact with him again. She was too shy to talk to him though, he looked at her acouple times, but she didn’t want it to seem like she cares. Alittle very super awkward though since he was with his GIRLFRIEND!!! My bestfriend didnt care at all, and was sure they would break up soon anyways, so she decided to stalk him around the mall. I didn’t stop her, stalking is fun and well shes my bestfriend anyways. We lost them. We talked about them around the mall, or she was saying all kinds of stuff about how he suddenly looks like an emo. Then at the end of the escelator they were sitting right there. We both shut our mouths immediatly. Or I started laughing, she started laughing because i was laughing and we literally looked like two small girls with no clue what their doing. My bestfriend started running, and i was just walking as fast as possible behind her. She decided to sit in a spot not far from them. They kept on getting eye contact and I still didnt understand much why we were doing this at all. Suddenly as we are sitting there she starts panicking. I turn my head and their just like walking in our direction. I figured it would be the smartest to just keep sitting and pretend like nothing, but no. My bestfriend was already up from the seat and started RUNNING towards the toilets, which is like 3 floors down. Not sketchy at all! Hah. She did not want to be at the mall at all anymore, and we got my sister to drive us home. 

Feels weird seeing my bestfriend act like that. Today suddenly I was the confident one. Literally 1 year ago I was the one running away from a guy at the mall, but no today it was the other way but literally the same. Must have been a really chock for her, but hey this will be a fun story to tell later. 

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  1. LOL. Your story is really funny! It’s impressive how we act like crazy people when we’re hanging out with our friends, right? You do things you would never do if you were there all by yourself. Those moments will stay in our memories and we’ll carry them for the rest of our lives. Maybe someday you’ll tell stories like this one to your kids.

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