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sighs. Anyways, again. Last Thursday, went to the gym with my mom and older bro. Ate at S&R, bought my Touch Twin Markers and lastly went to buy some stuff at the groceries. Next day was just another boring day, but I had fun because I went on a rabbit date with Keon. It ended a bit well? But yeah, about the marriage thing, he kept getting so impatient so… 😧 I eventually gave in so today, I asked him and gave him the tumblr link although tbh, I was suppose to give him it on his ooc bday which was on March 15.

Anyways, moving on. Fuck, I fucking slept like 4AM. I told myself I won’t sleep but I fell asleep after pretending to close my eyes, and fuck, I woke up like 10:40 something ??   ? ? ? ??  and we were suppose to meet up like 10-11 and I was like. OH FUCK, OMG JOYCE. I PANICKED AND INSTANTLY CHARGED MY PHONE. I texted her to wait for me, so I took a bath and yeah, asked money and load then went to go and met up with Joyce, although I had to wait at National Book Store like an hour because I waited for her to arrive so I bought some Touch Twins again and so far I bought 5 again which I love hehe.

And finally, at 2PM, she arrived so we walked casually out, then went to eat at this Mexican cuisine. I think it was named Mexicali??? something like that. Then while eating, we talked about a lot of things tbh, although I’m happy because she treated me hehe plus yeah, she gave me a sticker for my phone. Well, after, we walked over and talked more but proceeded to eat at Hobing, a Korean Dessert cafe. I filled up my color chart and aaah, I still have so many colors to collect but I am happy. : ” )

So yeah, we talked about some stuff and can you believe it? We even have the same unit of phone! But with different cases but ah, she gave me a sticker that can be put into the phone, I better buy a transparent case then. Hehe, after, I helped her book an Uber ride, we tried getting GrabCar or Taxi but Uber was a bit cheaper so yeah, I’m glad she went home safely. Anyways, I proceeded to go to the UV and I tried to wait for Merville Moonwalk but damn, seems like there are less people when it’s Saturday or probably most likely every Sunday too.

But anyways, I went home feeling satisfied with the things I have. As I went home, my youngest bro told me that my mom already left for her flight, my other brother went somewhere, while my maids were still out. ( and yes, in this country having a maid is  normal. ) They attended their relative’s cousin in the North  or in Quezon City. But yeah, atleast there was food on the table, hehe. Pizza! plus my maids arrived after a few minutes after me, they said they took some Lechon from the wedding and so they fed us that, and yeah.

I asked Keon to marry me and AAAAAAAAAAH, I AM SCREAMING. OH GOD. Then suddenly two of my old fl mutuals followed me and I’m like ??  ?? ? Oh my god, hi ? ? ?? ??  Funny thing is, one of them saw me earlier at Hobing and woooooow, they were the one ordering in front of me and my friend pmsl- Oh gosh, this day is so eventful. 

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