Originally planned to wake up at 7:30 or 8, but instead I slept till 10:14. Went to the shopping centre with my parents. Got some African face mask, a bottle of makeup remover and bleach powder. At home, I played that Bean Boozled game with my sister. It’s really no big deal. Took a shower and listened to music. Dyed my hair. Because I use a shitty hair-dye, I only, as expected, got some grey highlights in it, but it doesn’t look bad at all. Listened to music, did a quick makeup look and went out. I went to buy Camels and take a walk because I really felt like it. I went into two different coffee shops and both of the ladies working there told me they don’t sell Camel, but that they have it at the betting shop nearby. So, for the first, and the last time in my life, I went to a betting shop. It was scary. It was just a local shop and it was small, but that made it even scarier. There were three men inside. One handsome young one and two older guys. One of them was waiting to get paid. He had made a shitload of money… When I left, I smoked and I walked snd sat on benches and thought and smoked and walked. I felt like nothing at all. I felt worried, but not depressed or excited. Then when I was passing this street, I got a hunch that this old person with an old rusty bike was following me. I was so scared, but then it turned out they weren’t following me. The whole walk was just terrible. When I came home I felt absolutely disgusting. My head hurt and I was nauseous, but it went away after some time. This French guy that I text on Instagram just for the hell of it said,”I would love to do u. U whant it dont u?” I said, “I don’t know” and then he said, “I whant u too.”

 I was supposed to study French today, for that DELF piece of shit. But I didn’t. All of my plans got messed up because I had thought and had been told that it was to be held in March. 
I’ve been having these terrible headaches for some time now and I’ve also been experiencing pain in my nose. It’s hard to explain. But it’s that kind of short and weird sensation in your nose that makes you think that your head is about to explode. The Internet says I have a sinus infection. Why would I have that?

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