30 Things I Love – Day 1 / 30

– I love Filofax Clipbook.
– I love writing in Staedtler Triplus Fineline pens.
– I love KFC.
– I love McDonalds Big Mac.
– I love a nice cup of coffee.
– I love listening to good music.
– I love Evernote app.
– I love Amazon Prime service.
– I love my iPhone.
– I love my apartment.
– I love my job.
– I love drinking green tea.
– I love sleeping in.
– I love reading books.
– I love eating good food.
– I love Biryani.
– I love a hot shower.
– I love lifting weights.
– I love warm weather.
– I love walking in nature.
– I love spending time with friends.
– I love to go on a road trip to Scotland.
– I love to go on a road trip across the West Coast of USA.
– I love my MacBook Pro that I bought in 2010.
– I love the Godfather.
– I love the City of London.
– I love listening to podcasts.
– I love greek yogurt.
– I love journaling.
– I love thinking about things.

2 thoughts on “30 Things I Love – Day 1 / 30”

  1. @halaskyblue LMAO! Is that all you got from that post? My brown brothers and sisters sure love their Biryani, irrespective of their faith. Don’t they? I identify myself as a British-Indian Muslim. How about you?

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