Day 11 – 30 Days of Discipline

Sometimes there is peace in your heart you just can’t explain. A contentment in all that is; regardless of real life, real struggles and real pain. 

Today I felt that. I don’t know why. I woke up with a man cold, the wind was howling and there is a layer of dust covering literally everything in my house because of the floor reno, and yet I sat in the middle of all of it and felt content. It got even better when Jade hung out with me (a rare occurrence). We made dinner and blamed everything on Jim (girls stick together) and giggled.

I didn’t even get mad when she threw away my 4 year expired marshmallows. I mean, come on, they’re marshmallows, can they really “expire”???  What if an unexpected marshmallow need arises???

I felt so good I decided to hell with it and braved the wind for a late evening walk. I was going for just a short walk, but it turned into an hour. I enjoyed every windy minute and the light of the amazing full moon guided my every step.

Being at peace today teaches me to pay attention and listen to the little knock on the window that says slow down, breath, enjoy the mess. It’s how life works. 

I’ll take this peace into my sleep tonight. Maybe I’ll hit my goal of 52 beats RHR. ✌🏼

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