Finding the right one

If I was told many years ago that I’d be where I am right now, I most likely would have laughed in your face. Now I’m not well versed in the aspect of relationships, before my wife and I got married I’d only had one other realtionship. It still amazes me that I am married and have a kid at such a young age. Sometimes I cannot help but to think of the song “Unanswered prayers”. I had prayed for god to send someone who’d love me for me…and for a while I believed god has forsaken me; because, he wasn’t answering my prays but it took many years for him to come through. Just because god doesn’t answer you he is ignoring you, he hears you. In order to know true happiness, real bliss, is to accept god into your heart. Now I’m not making this into a religious spill, just thought I share some insight for those who have given up hope on finding the right one. If some of ya’ll are rolling your eyes at my words, remember god gives us tests of faith all the time. The real question is will you be willing to heed his trials he has set before you and come put victorious? Just some food for thought. 

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