Please don’t let me fall off the bandwagon

I just spoke to a girl who gave up drinking a month or so before me.  Last time we spoke she sounded as though she believed that being alcohol free was the right path to follow.  She was attending lots of AA meetings, following the steps and recognised that she had an addiction.

Last weekend she began drinking again and said that she is now going to try moderation and knows the support is here if she needs it.

Its scary knowing that I may end up doing the same myself.  I am now over 11 weeks sober, but I know it is so easy for me to slip up. There’s this urge inside me that just wants to get completely smashed up on drugs and booze until I am in a beautiful state of numbness.  

I need to remember why I started, the reasons why I should not drink.  Once I have a drink I lose control and just need more and more. 

I wind up in blackouts so don’t even receive enjoyment from drinking so it is a complete waste of time and money.  

There is plenty of fun to be had without getting intoxicayed.  Sober fun is reality 

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