The Travel Journal – Savings

Everything started one year ago to be precise on the 30th of January, The day i write about how wonderful it would be if I could realize my dream to travel the world.There was just this insane calling which kept on haunting me as time passed by. I tried to ignore it at first and later understand that every time that i tried to ignore it, it always find a way to come back to me.

The day i finally write about it make me realise that i really want it badly. I have always dream to travel the world but never actually make anything to make it happen. It was just an impossible dream which was there to keep me alive but i never intended to make it a plan. For me, it was impossible, only those who are rich could afford travel not some average girl on a small island with a salary only enough for a living.

But what i didn’t know was it was a lied to myself because i was scared of it. As paulo coelho says ‘you don’t need money to travel but you need courage’.Well said,i needed courage. The day i write about it, i find the courage to make thing happen. Writing about it just make it seems real, It was finally a plan and not just a dream.

I started to save on some money. The little money i started to save became a large sums of money as the months passed by.My salary increased at work,i received some kind of bonus and i get some overtime opportunities in the weekend which make a huge increase in my salary. I saved all the surplus of money that i gain and started spending less on things that i used to. Surprisingly i saved a lots more that i though i would. Begginers luck or simply that the whole universe conspires to make it happen.

Things was beginning to seems real and i get scared. I told my sister that it was better we drop the whole things and she told me no we are closed to it. But i was scared. I was scared to finally make my dreams come true. So i stopped thinking about it and told myself that it was better this way. But my sister told me that i was just scared and that things would be ok. Yes i was scared. What if i don’t like it? What if it does not happen like i wished? what if i thought it would have been much better? what will i do after i realise my dreams?

The answer is simple i will never know if i don’t try it. I could still have another dreams after this one. And yes things became tough as we come close to our objectives but we just need to believe.

I don’t want to be one of those person who give away just when they were so close all because they were scared.

All i need is courage. From there on, i fight everyday for that dreams. I started making plans. The first step is still in process, saving. I already have a budget of nearly euro 3000 which is actually great because i still have one more year to save.

Step 2 was getting the passport which is awesome.Done

April 2018 I just can’t wait.





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