☆ 《 ° O21217 / 2017 / SUN. ° 》☆

So, I woke up a bit late though since I slept like about 4AM? And woke up like, lunch time.

I forgot what we had for lunch though but it was a normal day, although me and Keon went to go rabbit again, we ended up rabbiting our fcs of course then yeah, we kind’ve watched some rated stuff. *coughs* well, couldn’t blame our hormones though, heh. It’s really just a normal day tbh. For dinner we had some meatballs with rice and corn, I’m feeling full though. And yeah, that’s pretty much it for today tbh. 

Mm, I don’t know what to feel for this day tbh. Meh. Tbh, I don’t know…it’s like I wanna rp but where? There isn’t even a decent place to rp tbh. Everything’s just going dead and I don’t get why people want a very active tl when it’ll die down and they’d start going inactive and they’ll rant that blablabla they hate how it’s so dead, then do something about it ffs? sighs. people.

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