Today was my cousin’s second birthday. Or at least the birthday lunch was today.
In the morning I went out for coffee and stayed until 1 o’clock. My friend and I were sitting at a park when this homeless man approached us asking for change. So I gave him 50 p. Which was all I had left. He said, “I don’t know what to even say about this world today. I won’t say anything. I’m smartest when I don’t say anything.”
The birthday kind of sucked. First of all, my Grandpa depressed me because he kept talking about how things were back in the day, and how I should eat carrots and beetroot sprinkled with lemon juice to get rid of my headache. He said something about how he used to have real dancing shoes and stuff… It all depressed me. It made me think about time and growing old. Lately I have been thinking about technology a lot. Ever since our English teacher concluded that in fifty years we will be able to replace whole body parts like we do with computer parts and that no translators will be needed anymore. “People will talk with their computers and they will give them the information that’s needed right away.” I’m sorry but, I really don’t want to live like that. I don’t. I would hate for those things to happen. For me not to be able to find a job because oh-well-guess-what-anyone-can-learn-a-language-online-nowadays-haha-who-needs-translators-anymore. Sorry but no. I mean. What else could I possibly do for a living?
This weekend I’ve been listening to ’80s music. I love it. Although I stumbled upon that Forever Young song. Not sure if that’s from the ’80s, but it depressed the hell out of me anyways. It’s a beautiful song. But it makes you want to cry. For me, music always makes me want to cry. Whether it be because it’s stupid, bad, good or, sort of, scary. I could cry to Anaconda if i tried.
Tomorrow I’m taking that DELF exam. I did some past papers today. It doesn’t seem hard at all. The papers were from 2004 though, so I’m not confident in their reliability.

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  1. I feel you. It’s sad to think that people will no longer need translators anymore in the future since we’ll have self-aware Google Translate or whatever, and while it’s kind of great that communication will be easier, it’s also just sad. But that’s way way way in the future hopefully, so you don’t have to worry about that right now 🙂

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