Day 12 – 30 Days of Discipline

What happens to the day when you sleep until 1:00pm?  That’s what I did today. Not intentionally, I just fell back asleep in the early morning and slept until one.  And when you wake up, everything is confusing and out of sorts. Do you get up? Do you start anything? What meal of the day are you on? Should you just stay in bed?  

All those thoughts crossed my mind.  I decided, yes, get out of bed, wash your face, put on clothes (that’s a big one for me) and eat the morning meal….yogurt and berries and coffee.  

From there, it became a nice relaxing day with some great yoga and a trip to Regina for errands. I picked up prescriptions today and my benefit coverage was denied. I’m no longer on the benefit plan at work. Makes sense because no work means no income means no premiums paid means no coverage.  It’s just another piece of the closure process but it was hard to accept and brought a few tears to my eyes.  

I accept this change in my life with an emotional presence and grace to the reality.  After all, my workplace is what drove me to the pharmacy, so breaking free of them, may break me free of my prescriptions.

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