February Thoughts

Those simple words, those unnoticeable gestures, the random act of kindness that’s full of sincerity made me think how deeply loved I am. I am experiencing genuine love from people around me not because I deserve it nor I’m worthy of it but because God wants me to understand the magnitude of His affection. Though I’m a sinner, He laid down His life for me. A love that was freely given is always so special.

Oftentimes we perceive love base on our expectations and how we want to receive it and whom we want to feel it from. We’re too focused on those things that we fail to see the little things that make a difference. We choose to take things for granted, overlook familiar things we encounter on our day to day lives because we are too busy waiting for a historical one-time grand event that would make the audience of our lives go ‘wow’. We lose more precious connections in the process and we’ll realize that endurance beats extravagance.

Love is not finding the better half who’ll spend the rest of his life with you but love is being whole and complete in the presence of your King.

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