So Friday I went to check the family that has my precious Salem. Salem is a beautiful, black and white kitty, that I found on Halloween. So much was going on. Even with the music, horror movies, people screaming, I was still able to hear a kitty meow. 

I followed that cry and did my usual mama voice that I use on emily. “Where are you, baby? Come here, I won’t hurt you.” Finally this ball of fur walks out and I’m in love. I picked it up and went to check if it was a boy or girl. I could almost bet it was a girl. I have a way with girls and seem to attract them. Kissing and showing her she’s safe, I look around to see if there are more. I look into her sweet eyes and say, “hey beautiful, you are okay. I’ll call you Salem because tonight so magical and so are you.” 

Days turn to weeks and I know I have fallen in love with her. I try to detach myself from her knowing, my aunt won’t keep her and she can’t come to me. I call around to the people I trust, asking if they are interested. Nobody wants her and thay breaks my heart because I do want her. I don’t want her to feel that negativity. 

She loves cuddles and sleeping curled up by my neck. She liked to play with my bubbles in my bath.Chase after emily and swat Emily behind. The days I had to search for a family for her, I ached. Feeling like I was being mean. I found a beautiful family. Lots of animals around. I asked if the other cats and animals took to new animals. I was assured, they will and do.

I held onto her while I was there. I asked them to take her out of my arms because I couldn’t hand her over. Lida did and I just shook. Salem looking at me with those big eyes. Turning her head to look more in my direction and I just ran off. My heart was broken, again. Why are the ones I love, die, leave or have to go somewhere else. I’m tried of my heart breaking. 

So, I came to see her. I yelled, SALEMMMM. Here she came. Running so fast and she’s gotten alittle bigger. She jumped into my arms and I just hugged her. All I could feel was love. Her belly was full and she was purring. She was happy. She jumped down, chasing the 2 other kitties they had just welcomed to the family. I watched her for at least half an hour. I decided, she would be loved and taken care of there. She has more people to love her, others to play with and not stuck with a woman who didn’t have all that. With my heart healing, I said goodbye.  Lida promised to send me photos here and there and I’ll gladly take them 

I love you, Salem. I love you so much to give you away because it’s what’s best for you. 

Another part of me I had to fix. 

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