Screw The Notebook

I’ve never been an overly romantic sort of girl. I once threw chop sticks at my tv while watching “The Notebook.” I recall screaming something along the lines of “This isn’t real. Love isn’t really like that. This movie is bullshit.” I felt betrayed by Hollywood. They were essentially over hyping romance and real men were coming up short. The emotions I felt while viewing that movie was a tangled web of envy and jealously. I wanted what they had. I could never have what they had. That angered me. It just isn’t real. At the end of the day true romance isn’t what comes out Hollywood. We have our own versions. It’s what we make of it. I’ll stop comparing my life to Hollywood because let’s face, real life doesn’t have writers perfectly scripting and staging it.

So when it comes to actual romance in my very real life, I prefer to go with flow. It makes every moment, every flower, every surprise, and every conversation something you truly want to savor. These days I keep my feet on the ground and my expectations realistic.



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